Friday, November 4, 2011

TEA PARTY PIGGERY, -hypocrites at the slop pile-

Many of us, as we watched grow, the astroturfed Tea Party claiming to be grass roots inspired while it was funded by Dick Armey's (R) TX "FreedomWorks" and other Republican fat cats like the Koch brothers, were struck with an equal amount of amusement and disgust. Indeed there are many within the movement that are "true believers," but we saw the organization for what it was and is: another political wing of the party that brought us $9.2 trillion in national debt.
This movement has been in power in the House of Representatives for 10 month's. Their growing record is confirming what we knew all along. Check out these Tea Party Pork Barrel examples of fiscal hypocrisy:
Eric Cantor (R) VA:
The eternally smug and shrill critic of President Obama, famously called a high speed rail proposal from Disneyland to Las Vegas, wastefull "pork barrel spending." Yet he simultaneously wrote letters asking for nearly $3 billion for a similar project in Virginia. And now that people are beginning to take notice, Cantor has flip-flopped and is running away from the project as fast as he can.
Cantor also wrote letters asking for $60 million to build ships in his home state. An unrelenting critic of HUD Cantor, until last year, held $50,000.00 in preferred stock from a company that received funds from the very department he excoriated when the camera's were on.
John Boehner (R) OH and Darell Issa (R) CA
The vociferous critics of President Obama's efforts to support clean energy and American made solar panels, sung a different tune when both requested funds for similar projects in their home states. Boehner requesting funds for a uranium project and Issa rooting in the Federal tough for funds for an electric car corporation.
Rick Perry (R) TX
The tongue tied Texan made 1,180 requests for federal aid since 2001, according to an Associated Press study. That's a rate of one every four days.
Fred Upton (R) MI
Wrote 10 letters asking for $250 million to support clean energy job creation in Michigan in spite of ridiculing President Obama's clean energy initiative.
Ron Paul (R) TX
An unrelenting critic of government spending wrote 3 letters asking for $150 million for a high speed rail project in Texas.
Michele Bachman(R) MN
The fact challenged founder of the Tea Party Caucus begged $750,000.00 to promote business at a small airport in St Cloud Minnesota.
David Vitter (R) LA
The Senator that gained national attention for his patronage of the Washington DC's and New Orlean's Canal Street brothel's, rallied on the steps of the Capitol against President Obama's stimulus package. Two months later he was requesting funding to boost an activated carbon power plant in Red River Parish, Louisianna.
Marlin Stunzman (R) IN
Came to Washington in 2010 to limit government received $4,061.00 in farm subsidies in that same year and has raked in $183,431.00 from the Dept. of Agriculture since 1997.
Alan West (R) SC
The fire breathing small government legislator, less than 10 months in office, has written at least four letters begging money from the federal government for various projects such as a pedestrian walkway in his home district.
Judson Phillips, founder of Tea Party Nation," when confronted with these facts characterized them as, "...pretty disturbing." From our point of view it's actually pretty predictable.

source:"Newsweek," Nov. 7th & 14th, 2011
Associated Press

The chart below highlights the ultimate hypocrisy of Red State America. While these state's elected leaders are often the most out spoken critics of federal programs they are at the same time standing at the front of the line with both hands out.

Red State America Is Sucking Blue State America Dry

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