Monday, August 27, 2012

80-year study: Democrats Better at Economics

When it comes to which party is better for the economy, Republicans talk the talk, but it's Democrats who deliver the goods according to an unusual 80-year study of the impact presidents have on growth, personal wealth, the stock market and even 401ks.

The bottom line, according to Bulls, Bears and the Ballot Box: Of the five best economic presidents since Herbert Hoover, only one is a Republican. The paydirt finding: $100,000 invested during the 40 years Republicans had the White House would be worth $126,027. The same amount invested in the stock market during the Democrat's 40 years would be $3,912,210

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I've been saying this for 30 years. See tabs to the right: National Debt, Job Creation, Economic Record, History of Recession. I'm glad to see I stand with such distinguished company.  -m.kohr-

Monday, August 20, 2012

Romney and Bain profited from MASSIVE Medicare Fraud

From the delightful gift that is John McCain’s opposition research on Mitt Romney (courtesy of namelessgenxer) comes the sordid tale of Mitt Romney's tenure on the board of Damon Clinical Laboratories, which plead guilty to charges of defrauding Medicare and agreed to pay what was at the time the largest health care criminal fraud fine in history – $35,300,000.00 They also agreed to larger civil fines which totaled $83,700,000.00.

The time line goes as follows.
1988: Damon begins a systemic practice of fraud. The government estimates later that the total cost to taxpayers of this fraud is around $40,000,000

1990: Bain Capital (CEO Mitt Romney) buys a minority stake in Damon. Mitt takes a seat on the board of directors

1990 to 1993: Mitt serves on the board of directors, earning ~$10,000 per year for doing so. He is on the company’s “Strategic Planning” committee

1992: Romney said that Rosen told the board in about 1992 ‘that all current practices at the company were now in conformity with government regulations and that in the past there may have been practices which would not be deemed appropriate.

1993: Damon is taken over by Corning, with Mitt Romney voting in favor of the acquisition

1993: Corning immediately closes Damon’s Massachusetts plant and lays off 115 workers

1993: Corning uncovers the fraud and alerts authorities. The SEC filings made by Damon prior to the acquisition make no mention of any potential earnings write-downs or legal problems

1993: Mitt Romney’s share of Bain’s profit from the Damon investment: $473,000

1993: Bain’s profit from its investment in Damon: $7,400,000, which represented a tripling of the initial investment

1994: Running for Senator, Mitt Romney says:

I’m proud of the small part I played in the growth of Damon,’ Romney said yesterday. ‘It’s something that Ted Kennedy doesn’t have a clue about – creating real jobs in the private sector.

2002: While running for governor, Romney claims that he helped uncover the fraud by starting an investigation. This version of events is disputed by Corning and by the Federal Prosecutors. Romney also says he never alerted the authorities, which no one disputes.

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Romney and Ryan, the Animal House Ticket, -fragging Middle Class America-

If you are for the end of Medicare, and Social Security, the two most effective poverty fighting programs in history, Paul Ryan's your guy.

He's an articulate Sarah Palin, born of status and privilege. He's a life long career politician that managed to pass 2 bills in 14 years in Congress. He'll tell you about how effective he's been. And he's a philosophical fan of the lunatic Ayn Rand. He won't tell you about Ayn Rand

Who was Ayn Rand? She was against religion and God. She embraced selfishness. She was fascinated with serial killer William Hickman, and wrote that the serial killer was an ideal man as he did what he pleased not worrying what others thought.

Ayn Rand is a darling and prophet of  many in today's Republican party, including Paul Ryan. Go figure

To view a video link into the twisted mind of Paul Ryan's philosophical hero, Ayn Rand, hit on the youtube links at :


With Paul Ryan playing Doug Neidermeyer and money bags Rmoney playing the role of Gregory Marmalard we now have the perfect Animal House ticket for the White House.

On behalf of all Delta’s, we thank you.

-In this example of life imitating art, the character Neidermeyer volunteered for service in Vietnam were he was promptly fragged by his own troops. In real life Romney demonstrated in support of that war but in Cheney-esque fashion got three student deferments before getting a missionary deferment during which time he palled around France with cheese eating surrender monkeys. Ryan, if drafted into service as VP, has laid out a budget that would immediately frag the middle class.-

link to Florida Headlines: Romney Can Kiss Florida Goodbye.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Government Employment At Lowest Level Since 1968

More than 680,000 Federal, State and Local government jobs have been eliminated since 2009, the biggest 3 year decline on record. If these jobs still existed it would lower the unemployment rate by 1%.
But take a closer look at the two steepest increases in government employment since 1968. Those "fat times" occurred during the early 1970's (Nixon) and the 1980's (Reagan and Bush I). Isn't it precious that Republicans paint Democrats as the party of big government and big spending?

Pie Chart of 2013 Budget, -excellant visual of the realities of the Federal Budget-

Reagan did a masterful job of convincing millions of Americans that the Federal Budget is rife with fraud and waste. He made the "welfare queen driving a Cadillac," part of the American lexicon, playing the role of a flim-flam artist in laying down a story line that the yearly deficit could be eliminated by cutting that waste and fraud. It's no wonder Reagan went on to become the greatest deficit spender in American history (as a % of GDP).
Such reality free thinking can be avoided by looking at the numbers: 
There is certainly waste in every line item of the US budget just as there is in every line item of every corporation and business in America. But when you hear Republicans talk about social programs breaking the bank remember this chart.

Sunday, August 5, 2012


If there was ever one chart that summed up success of Democratic Bubble Up Economic policy, this is it.

The 95th percentile, or the top 5% of income earners in the country, do better under Democratic Economic Policy, as does EVERY other percentile. And Democratic Economic Principle performs vastly better as you descend the economic dogpile. Targeting tax cuts and investment to the benefit of the working people in this nation helps everyone in this nation.

Job Performance, Obama Versus Bush, -a microcosm of the last 80 years-

The above graph provides yet more documentation of the 80 year history of comparison of Democratic and Republican administrations on job growth. The red line documents private sector employment, the blue line government sector employment.

Under George W. Bush private sector employment DECREASED by 6oo,ooo jobs.
Under President Obama private sector employment INCREASED by  300,000 jobs.
Under George W. Bush government sector employment INCREASED by 1,700,000 jobs.
Under President Obama government sector employment DECREASED by 600,000 jobs.

While Republicans run on empty promises of smaller government and their imaginary ability to manage the economy their record always points in the opposite direction, big spending, pitiful job creation and massive deficit spending.

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