Monday, June 27, 2011

Michele Bachman tells FOX News in 2009 "I don't need government to be successful,"

Truth is, since 1995 she has taken nearly $290,000 in state and federal grants and subsidies.

Bachman routinely blasts "socialized medicine" yet has taken, just since 2006, approximately $24,041 from the Minnesota state Department of Human Services for her Bachmann & Associates clinic, to aid in training her staff.

Bachman blasted the 2008 Farm bill as "loaded with unbelievably outrageous pork and subsidies for agricultural business and ethanol growers." Yet from 1995-2008, a farm she owns in partnership has collected approx. $260,000.00 in corn and dairy subsidies.


-For the record, Bachman's haul of $290,000.00, is $290,000.00 more than I have ever received from state and federal monies. Ever-

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Who Is Ayn Rand?
-Watch these two video links and learn the disturbing truth-

She was against religion and God. She embraced selfishness. She was fasinated with serial killer William Hickman, and wrote that the serial killer was an ideal man as he did what he pleased not worrying what others thought.
Oh, and she is a darling and prophet of today's Republican party. Go figure.