Monday, August 13, 2012

Romney and Ryan, the Animal House Ticket, -fragging Middle Class America-

If you are for the end of Medicare, and Social Security, the two most effective poverty fighting programs in history, Paul Ryan's your guy.

He's an articulate Sarah Palin, born of status and privilege. He's a life long career politician that managed to pass 2 bills in 14 years in Congress. He'll tell you about how effective he's been. And he's a philosophical fan of the lunatic Ayn Rand. He won't tell you about Ayn Rand

Who was Ayn Rand? She was against religion and God. She embraced selfishness. She was fascinated with serial killer William Hickman, and wrote that the serial killer was an ideal man as he did what he pleased not worrying what others thought.

Ayn Rand is a darling and prophet of  many in today's Republican party, including Paul Ryan. Go figure

To view a video link into the twisted mind of Paul Ryan's philosophical hero, Ayn Rand, hit on the youtube links at :


With Paul Ryan playing Doug Neidermeyer and money bags Rmoney playing the role of Gregory Marmalard we now have the perfect Animal House ticket for the White House.

On behalf of all Delta’s, we thank you.

-In this example of life imitating art, the character Neidermeyer volunteered for service in Vietnam were he was promptly fragged by his own troops. In real life Romney demonstrated in support of that war but in Cheney-esque fashion got three student deferments before getting a missionary deferment during which time he palled around France with cheese eating surrender monkeys. Ryan, if drafted into service as VP, has laid out a budget that would immediately frag the middle class.-

link to Florida Headlines: Romney Can Kiss Florida Goodbye.

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