Monday, July 30, 2012

The Best Health Care System In The World? Really.

Opponnets of The Affordable Health Care Act often describe The United States Health Care system as the best in the world. A review of the numbers paints a different picture. What is clear is the current system is the most costly, and dollar for dollar the least efficient in the world in terms of life expectancy. "Obamacare" will take steps to correct the three major shortfall in our current system, access, cost and results.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Weird Willard, from the mouth of a Massachusetts State Health Professional

Willard is weird, uncomfortable, awkward and oh so corporate. That's who he is. Last summer I sat in a seat on a plane next to a Health Professional with state government in Massachusetts. She said the Romney administration had every study done by her office cleared by Romney's office before it could be released. This never happened before, or since.

She said Romney was a "strange man" and she was very uncomfortable around him and his staff. She was stunned when he bought and destroyed the hard drives of every computer in the Governor's office when he left office. I asked her, "Isn't this what a person would do if he did not want anyone to know what went on during his administration?" She had a one word answer. "Yes."

To borrow a line from "The Great Gatsby," -The rich are different-."

by mike kohr 7/14/2012

Monday, July 9, 2012

President Obama's Record On Job Creation Is 157,143 Per Month Since 4/ 2010, - better than any Republican President-

Since President Obama's economic policies ended the George W. Bush gifted Great Recession, halted staggering monthly job losses that approached 800,000, and returned the nation to positive job growth in record time he has enjoyed a private sector job creation rate that exceeds the 1st term job creation record of ANY Repulican President in history.

Below is a table which shows job creation by President for ALL terms served. Reagan's record in his first term in ofice was 109,000 per month. Reagan inherited stellar job creation from President Carter of 216,666 and by the end of his 1st term, cut it in nearly in half. President Obama inherited the deepest drop in job loss since the Great Depression and has since April of 2010 outperformed every Republican president 1st term record on job creation.

When examining the record of job creation we must look where President Obama started out to fully understand how far he has taken us as a nation down the road to recovery.

                    MONTHLY JOB CREATION REORD, 1946-2008

By: mike kohr Graphics by: Bonny Kohr

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Unions And The American Dream

My grandfather, Mike Tanari, began work in the Whitebreast Coal mine at the age of 12. Unions changed that. Read Grandpa's story here:

The End Of Death Panels