Monday, November 21, 2011

President Obama's Re-election Fund Raising Exceeds 2008 Results

Do not believe the false narative that small donors have abandoned President Obama. More than 606,000 people gave between July and September, exceeding a number that was a record-breaking 552,000 donors in the second fundraising quarter and reflects more than 257,000 first-time donors, according to campaign records. In another milestone, in mid-October, Obama hit 1 million donors.

Inspite of the effects of the atrocious Supreme Court "Citizens United" decision to allow unlimited, unsourced, untraceable, unaccountable corporate money into the political campaign the Presidnet has hit on the 99% solution. While the rich have the cash we have the votes. When people invest themselves in a campaign , they are far likelier to vote.

Wall Street may have thrown their finacial support to their protectors in the Republican Party, but the People are throwing our support to the person that is protecting us from Wall Street.

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