Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I suspect that every visitor to this blog were sure of one thing after last November’s election: The Republican’s would over reach. But I also suspect that no-one understood the level of overreach they would attempt or just how quickly the American public would turn on them.

New polling is showing that of 50 House seats targeted by Democrats in 2012, 35 Republicans are in deep trouble. These freshmen Republicans have an average approval rating of 35%. Compared to Democrat incumbents in July of 2009, Republicans are today 10% behind that standard. We all know, all too regrettably, how that turned out for us.

But that’s not all the bad news sweeping over the Republican Party. In these same districts, only 40% are supporting re-electing the Republican incumbent, 45% do not support retaining them. After taking these 50 districts by a collective average of 14%, the Republican incumbents find themselves tanking in the polls. In the top 25 districts, the generic Democrat leads the Republican incumbent 46% to 45%.

Republican governors are not faring any better. After just four months after electing, three new Midwestern governors, Scott Walker (R) WI, John Kasich (R), OH, and Rick Snyder (R) MI, voters are expressing deep “buyer’s remorse.” All three have witnessed plummeting approval ratings, falling to the point that polls show them losing hypothetical do-over elections.

Governor Walker beat Democrat Tom Barret 52% to 46%. But today Walker would lose a do-over election by a seven-point margin, a stunning 14% swing in the polling after just 6 weeks in office. An unprecedented recall effort is gathering energy and threatens to remove 8 Republican State Senators in Wisconsin and once Walker reaches the threshold of one year in office, Walker himself will likely face a vigorous recall effort.

Governor Kaisich ® OH is polling at 30% approval, and a fourth governor, Tom Corbett (R) PA, has bottomed out at 31% approval. The voters have had a look at the radical agenda that these people want to ram down the throats of working Americans and their disapproval is unmistakeble and overwhelming. These incumbents have loosed the floodgates and the upcoming election in 2012 may be the tide that sweeps them out of office and off the political landscape. Forever.

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