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Many Americans are aware that George W. Bush has had the worst job creation record since the government began tracking these figures in 1939. But Bush's colossal failure to manage the economy overshadows a much larger story.

The record shows two unmistakable patterns:
  1. Every time a Republican succeeds a Democrat in the White House, the job creation rate plummets.
  2. Every time a Democrat succeeds a Republican in the White House, the job growth rate soars. Every time! No exceptions!

Considering the steady growth in population of the United States during this time frame the job creation rate should steadily increase each month (currently it must grow by 128,000 per month to keep up with population growth). This trend only manifests itself when examining Democratic administrations:

Listed below is the average job growth increase for all terms served:

 By: mike kohr Graphics by: Bonny Kohr

And How Has President Obama Been Doing Backfilling The Black Hole Bush Left Him?

"After the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, our businesses have now created more than 4.2 million new jobs over the past 26 months…But with too many still out of work, we need to do more." -President Obama

MSNBC: Jobless Rate Drops to Lowest Level in Almost Three Years

The U.S. economy created jobs at the fastest pace in nine months in January and the unemployment rate dropped to a near three-year low, offering a hopeful sign for hiring in the year ahead.

Employers added a net 243,000 jobs last month, the Labor Department reported Friday -- that's the most since April and far better than economists' expectations for a gain of only 150,000.

“It’s a strong number, a very strong number, I would say,” said Vassili Serebriakov, a currency strategist at Wells Fargo Bank. “It’s consistent with the broad improvement in the U.S. economic data, but I think the extent of strength in today's report is somewhat of a surprise, and this is a good sign for the U.S. employment market and the U.S. economy.”

The nation’s unemployment rate fell to 8.3 percent in January from 8.5 percent in the prior month. The rate has dropped 0.8 percentage point since August and is now at its lowest level in nearly three years.
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All measures of unemployment are falling
by Ezra Klein:

(Graph: Ezra Klein; Data: Bureau of Labor Statistics)

The blue line is tracking jobless claims. Job loss was skyrocketing under the previous administration's policies, and has been steadily declining since President Obama's economic policies took place. The next time you hear that the President's stimulus failed, call bullshit, call it out loudly.

And then think of how much more successful the President's efforts to increase job creation could have been had we had even a little co-operation from the other side of the political divide.


This graph again documents the typical historical record of comparing Republican Economic results against Democratic economic results. Republicans overspend and under perform. As I've stated repeatedly before only two things grow when Republican economic principles are in place, namely unemployment and the national debt. A snapshot look at this comparison shows:

1). Public sector (government) employment increased under Bush by just over 4%, and has declined under President Obama by approx. 3%.

2). Private sector employment under Bush declined by approx. 1% over 4 years. Yet in just 2.5 years since the Great Recession bottomed out after President Obama's economic policies took hold have increased by approx. 4%.

Willard Romney has stated he wants to re-implement the Bush economic policies, the same policies that greased the skids for the 2nd greatest economic decline in American history. Romney wants bring his MBA education and experience to shape the American economy. We have had two other Presidents with such experience and education, Herbert Hoover and George W. Bush. How'd that work out?

BREAKING NEWS: States with Democratic Govs had 15% better unemployment numbers than states with GOP Govs
by greenkrete

Virginia Republican Governor Bob McDonnell claims that the improved numbers on the economy are a result of their policies. NOT SO! A quick back-of-the-envelope calculation shows states with Democratic Governors performed 15% better on the latest unemployment per capita than states with GOP Governors. The analysis took maybe 20 minutes elapsed time. Doesn’t Governor McDonnell have any staff?

You can check it yourself! The data for week ending January 28th is at the Department of Labor at this link:

Plug those numbers into a spreadsheet. Next, add the list of Governors and their party affiliation. Then sort by GOP or Democrat. Now put in the state population. My results: GOP new claims -50,818 and the total population of those states 133,760,000. Democratic new unemployment claims -47,561 and the total population is 109,102,000. So per capita new claims for GOP Governor states is a reduction of 0.0380%, while per capita new claims for Democratic Governor states is a reduction of 0.0436%, a 15% better performance.

The numbers in the announcement are for 27 states with 79% of the US population. The remaining states had less than a thousand difference in new claims.

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