Monday, September 12, 2011

Rick Perry: Middle Income Americans Don't Pay Enough Income Taxes

Pay up all you deadbeats. Rick Perry says you are not contributing enough to America. And don't forget it's not just Governor Goodhair that feels this way. Just last week a montage of Republicans were spewing this meme on Fox Gnu's. Working People were called, "Moochers, Takers, Deadbeats, Raccoons and irresponsible Animals."
Oh, and they would like your vote and support in November of 2012.

Okay, here are some facts, courtesy of the Tax Policy Center. They may not allay Mr. Perry’s dismay, but they should assuage the concerns of anyone with a soul.
•Of the 46% of households who don’t pay income tax, nearly 2/3 pay payroll taxes.
•Of the 18% who pay neither income nor payroll taxes, more than half are elderly.
•More than 1/3 have incomes below $20,000. (Note: Ronald Reagan made the decision in 1986 to exempt people with incomes below the poverty line from federal income tax. Twenty-five years later, that still seems like a good call.)
•Only 1% of nontaxpaying households are nonelderly with incomes over $20,000. I’m dismayed about them too governor. Maybe we should close some of the loopholes that allowed almost 1,500 millionaires to escape income tax in 2009 -end of clip-

by Len Burman
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