Monday, October 22, 2012

Romney Was Sweating Like A Liar During A Polygraph Test

Which is what these debates are, a test of character and honesty. Romney has a long history of dishonesty, secrecy and stone cold weirdness. The nation saw it tonight. President Obama treated Romney like a Somali pirate.

Weird Willard, from the mouth of a Massachusetts State Health Professional

Willard is weird, uncomfortable, awkward and oh so corporate. That's who he is. Last summer I sat in a seat on a plane next to a Health Professional with state government in Massachusetts. She said the Romney administration had every study done by her office cleared by Romney's office before it could be released. This never happened before, or since.

She said Romney was a "strange man" and she was very uncomfortable around him and his staff. She was stunned when he bought and destroyed the hard drives of every computer in the Governor's office when he left office. I asked her, "Isn't this what a person would do if he did not want anyone to know what went on during his administration?" She had a one word answer. "Yes."

To borrow a line from "The Great Gatsby," -The rich are different-."

by mike kohr 7/14/2012

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