Monday, June 11, 2012

42 Million Jobs Created Versus 24 million, Yet Another Democratic Economic Success Story

And remember in November, Willard Romney wants to re-institute the George W. Bush economic policies that produced the worst job creation numbers since Herbert Hoover, the second deepest economic downturn since the Republican gifted Great Depression and the worst accumulation of national debt since Ronald Reagan.

Romney is doubling down on the most disastrous economic policy in 70 years. That seems like a bad idea to me. 

Following is a link to an excellent video that lays bare the dismal failure of Romney's economic record as Governor of Massachusetts.
 -Pay special attention to the outsourcing of call center jobs to India-

 Romney is just another corporate huckster trying to con the American public. See how he and Bain Capitol looted the health care and pension plans of this steel mill and laid off hundreds of American workers while they pocketed millions of dollars in bonus' and profits:
 “This was a booming place, and Mitt Romney and Bain Capital turned it into a junkyard....”
  -Donnie Box, laid off steel worker-

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