Saturday, October 22, 2011

Another Graph On Job Creation -Want a job? Vote Democrat-

See the pattern?

Read This Tea/Publican Resolution To See Where They Stand On Job Creation:

Tea Party Nation Urges Businesses To Stop Hiring People In Order To Bring Down President Obama
October 19, 2011
By Stephen D. Foster Jr.

Tea Party Nation sent a message to their members today urging businesspeople to stop hiring people in an effort to sabotage the economy and make President Obama fail. The message came from activist (and traitor) Melissa Brookstone, and reads as follows.

“Resolved that: The Obama administration and the Democrat-controlled Senate, in alliance with a global Progressive socialist movement, have participated in what appears to be a globalist socialist agenda of redistribution of wealth, and the waging of class warfare against our constitutional republic’s heritage of individual rights, free market capitalism, and indeed our Constitution itself, with the ultimate goal of collapsing the U.S. economy and globalizing us into socialism.

Resolved that: President Obama has seized what amount to dictatorial powers to bypass our Congress, and that because the Congress is controlled by a Progressive socialist Senate that will not impeach one of their kind, they have allowed this and yielded what are rightfully congressional powers to this new dictator.

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