Saturday, November 20, 2010

-Sarah Palin Rips JFK's famous religion speech, saying he "seemed to want to run away" from his faith."-

in her new book, "America, by heart."

This coming from she who ran away from her commitment to the people of Alaska. The 1/2 term Alaskan Chillbilly could learn a thing or two about persistence and courage by studying the life history of John F. Kennedy.

Example: after the well known heroics of JFK on PT 109, while recuperating from serious back injuries, he volunteered to rescue stranded sailors. The stranded sailors were at an island so remote that if the mission were successful in reaching and rescuing the sailors that Kennedy's PT boat would not have enough fuel to make the trip back to base. He volunteered, rescued the sailors, and brought everyone back alive.

Dopey Dan Quayle was foolish enough to compare himself to JFK but leave it to Snarky Sarah, the vicious grifter from the land of the midnight sun, to have the gall to question the faith of JFK. If she was required to meet truth in advertising standards in this work of fiction she should have named her book, "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants On Fire."

mike kohr

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