Friday, October 29, 2010


Last week the Bureau County Republican's Editor Teri Simon lauded the positive campaigns of Sheriff John Thompson and his challenger Bill Rosenow but warned that in-spite of their professional and admirable example there were those that wished to drag this campaign into the gutter. The last minute, full page attack ad ran against Sheriff Thompson on Thursday, in papers all across this county validated Teri’s warning.

The ad against Sheriff Thompson and the letter to the editor, trashing the service of County Board member Rick Wilkin, were timed to cast a raft of half-truths, falsehoods and scurrilous innuendo before the voting public just days before the election. It is crass and craven tactics like this that make people hate politics and discourages those willing to serve the public. But then we’ve seen this all before, coming from some of the same crowd, defenders of a past Sheriff that had turned our county into a national laughing stock. The good people of Bureau County saw through these tactics before. I am convinced they will recognize them for what they are once again.

mike kohr
Bureau County Board, district 18

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